IDV (IDV Directory Viewer) is a web application written in PHP for navigating through directories and browsing files on an HTTP server. It outputs file listings that are much like those automatically generated by web servers, such as Apache; but IDV is highly customizable, looks good and produces standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 (example). The appearance and style of listings can be changed by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Anyone can use IDV - no programming knowledge is required. All you need is a web server that supports PHP 4 or PHP 5.


Installation of IDV is very easy and consists of three steps.
Note: This guide assumes you know how to upload files to your web server (using, for example, FTP).

1. Download the newest version of IDV.
Downloading IDV

2. Extract the ZIP file. Read the README.txt information file. Adjust the settings in _idvr/config.ini (and optionally _idvr/filters.php and _idvr/infobox.php) to your liking. All settings have comments above them, so you'll know exactly what you're doing.
Extract and configure

3. Finally, upload "index.php" and the whole "_idvr" directory to the directory on your server that you want to be able to browse.

That's it! To see the result, point your web browser to the corresponding URL:
IDV in action

Encountered a problem? See the support section at the bottom of this page.


Some of the convenient features in IDV are:

Some features are subject to change - in the future, IDV will, among other things, feature:

Of course, the goal is to implement what users want, so all feature requests are welcome! (See the next section)

Support / bugs / feature requests

For support, bug reporting and feature requests you can use either the IDV forums or the Trackers.


IDV Directory Viewer
by Cosmo "Shuriken" Kastemaa


2008.2 released(2008-05-28)

IDV 2008.2 is out!

Change log:

- Fixed bug 1975941 (Odd listDir() behavior with some directories).
- Changed listDir() to use opendir()/readdir()/closedir() instead of glob().
- Added .* and */.* filters to filters.php (this wasn't necessary with glob()).
- Fixed bug 1975954 (Incorrect handling of IDV_Base).
- Some internal structural changes to directory listings.
- Added the Volcano theme, a gray/red variation of Eclipse.
- Implemented 1976801 (Improve the symbolic permissions display).
- "symbolic" FilePermsType now displays all flags.
- "octal" FilePermsType now displays four digits instead of three.
- Implemented 1976795 (Make ShowPerms also display owner/group).
- Updated language files accordingly.
- Added TruncateFileNames option.
- Added title attribute to file/folder links.

2008.1 files reuploaded(2008-02-23)

A typo in my release script caused the language files to disappear from the first uploaded 2008.1 archive. This has now been corrected and 2008.1 has been reuploaded. Apologies for the inconvenience.

2008.1 released(2008-02-23)

It took a year, but IDV 2008.1 (previously known as 2007.1) is now out. It features a search function, a DirectorySorting option and an updated version of the Eclipse theme, as well as bug fixes and other minor changes.

Change log:

- Implemented 1591045 (Redesign directory traversal system)
- Reimplemented 1590130 (Calculation of directory contents' total size)
- Fixed bug 1591041 (Filters not honored by "recursive"/"diskspace" FileSizeType).
- Closed bug 1704071 (pathcheck() fails on some systems) since the function no longer exists.
- Removed "simple" FileSizeType.
- Renamed "recursive" and "diskspace" FileSizeTypes to "size" and "space" respectively.
- ShowTotalSize no longer depends on ShowSizes.
- Added DisableForbiddenFiles option.
- Implemented 1658896 (Move DateTimeFormat option to language files)
- Implemented 1659709 (Add DirectorySorting option)
- Implemented 1591033 (Search function)
- Added EnableSearch option.
- Added Search section to language files.
- Added SearchField, SearchSubmit, CaseSensitiveCheckbox, CurrentDirOnlyCheckbox, ResultsSingular, ResultsPlural strings.
- Renamed ShowDirTotalSize to ShowTotalSize.
- Fixed bug 1594769 (ShowPerms = true by default).
- Fixed bug 1660442 (Filter modifiers broken)
- Fixed bug 1664573 (Magic quotes not handled)
- Fixed bug 1900152 (Symbolic permissions broken)
- Rewrote octalToSymbolicPerms().

- Major revamp of Eclipse theme, updated to 2.0.
- Implemented better error handling.
- Added UseBinaryPrefixes option.
- Added PrefixKibi, PrefixMebi, PrefixGibi strings to language files.
- Moved variables to IDV_* constants where appropriate.
- Updated all language files.
- Lots of other structural changes, both major and minor, as well as function renaming and code cleanup.

2006.5 released(2006-11-04)

IDV 2006.5 is out. The new language file system is a major change, and translating IDV to other languages will now be very easy. This release includes English, Finnish and Swedish language files.

Change log:

- Added ShowDirTotalSize option.
- Added ShowPermsType option.
- Added Language option.
- Moved "static" strings from index.php to language files. English, Finnish and Swedish are included.
- All dynamic content is now escaped with htmlentities().
- Minor structural changes and theme tweaks.

2006.4 released(2006-10-28)

Yep, another new release. :) The important new features are support for directory-specific info boxes and new file size calculation options.

Change log:

- Implemented a recursive filesize function.
- Implemented a function which calculates the disk space used by a file/dir instead of the size.
- Replaced UseDuSizes with the FileSizeType option (simple/recursive/diskspace).
- Added DisableStatCache option.
- Fixed DirAppendSlashes which had stopped working in 2006.2.
- Added support for per-directory info boxes.
- Moved InfoBox generation code into an infobox() function to increase reusability.
- Modified Eclipse theme to support both info box types.
- Optimized Eclipse theme graphics.
- Modified default Hide filter to hide all files whose name begin with "_idv".
- Removed a test Hide filter that had been left in filters.php. Oops.

2006.3 released(2006-10-26)

IDV 2006.3 is now available. 2006.3 fixes a couple of bugs, and does not introduce new features.

Change log:

- Fixed bug that caused the file/dir count text jump to another line in Gecko browsers.
- (Related to the first one) Slight changes in HTML structure and CSS.
- All generated links are now urlencoded so files and directories with special characters (such as %) work.

2006.2 released(2006-10-11)

IDV 2006.2 has now been released. The major new features are displaying the amount of dirs/files in the current directory and the possibility to use the *NIX "du" tool to calculate sizes. The latter allows display of directory sizes.

Change log:

- Fixed page generation time bug in PHP4.
- Added ShowFileCount option: shows the amount of directories/files in the path bar.
- Slight code cleanup. (Mostly just additional line breaks to make stuff more easily readable)
- Changed the substr() mess used for extracting the filename from paths, to use basename() instead.
- Modified the path display to not include slashes in the link texts and changed theme accordingly.
- Added UseDuSizes option: uses the *NIX "du" tool to calculate sizes for files and directories.

2006.1 released!(2006-07-10)

IDV 2006.1 is out! This release can definitely be considered an important milestone in IDV's (still quite short) history. The change log follows:

- New table-based listing.
- Advanced filtering features.
- Path display with links; allows for quick jumping to any parent directory.
- Added display of page generation time.
- Added automatic cleanup of $_GET['dir'].
- Added extensive sorting options.
- Migrated config file format to the ini format that PHP supports natively.
- New default theme: Eclipse (sorry, Aurora has been scrapped).
- Radical overall code cleanup.
- PHP4 support confirmed.

I might have missed some things; a lot of small details have been changed (hopefully for the better!) but that's the list of the most important things.

With 2006.1, I think IDV can finally be called a somewhat "complete" application. I'm planning to revamp this website at some point, too, in order to make it a bit more usable and perhaps to match the new Eclipse theme. Stay tuned!

Some changes(2006-05-28)

I've decided to drop the plans for a modular design for now. Such a change would inevitably complicate usage and as the main goal of IDV is ease of use, I think things work just fine the way they are now. However, I will look into implementing the modular design if there happens to be demand for it.

The new theme is basically going to be a blue Aurora with some eye candy, and is mostly complete. I'll also be improving the HTML of the file listings to make the display a bit more readable. (Separate columns for name/size/permissions/whatever)

As for release dates, "it'll be out when it's done". I have a few other projects going on too, but I'll try to work on IDV when I have the time.

2006.1 plans(2006-03-30)

I'm currently working on 2006.1. Development is advancing a bit slowly, but I hope to get this release out as soon as possible. The 2006.1 version will, among other things, feature:

- A completely redone, modular design. This will allow users to only download and install the features they want, and prevents the application from
growing bloated.
- A new theme.
- Better cross-browser compatibility. (Mobile browsers for example)

I don't know how it happened, but it seems IDV is becoming increasingly popular. Up to two downloads occur every day. It's nice to see this happening, and I strongly recommend everybody who uses IDV and comes up with some feature they think is missing to contact me.

2005.1 released(2006-01-03)

IDV 2005.1 is now out. This version fixes a bug which allowed viewing of the server's root directory (luckily only the top-level listing though). I strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to this new version.

Now that the final release of 2005.1 is out, I'll start working on 2006.1. :-)

Modified files: index.php

First release!(2005-12-24)

I hereby announce the first public release of IDV - 2005.1b1. The version number system consists of:



[year] = the release year
[release] = number of release during that year
[state] = a for alpha, b for beta
[statenum] = number of release under year/state

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Installation help(2005-11-14)

Created the "Installation" section.

Note that improvement suggestions for this site are more than welcome. These can be submitted to the "Feature Requests" Tracker (see the Support section).

Site complete(2005-11-14)

Now that I've finished the news system, the IDV site is starting to look complete. IDV is also almost ready for its first release. Whenever a new version is released, the "Current" box will be updated to display the newest release. Files are to be downloaded via SourceForge (the "Download" link in the upper menu).